Locally, Paul has led workshops at The Bellingham Folk School, The Subdued Stringband Jamboree, and BAAY’s summer music camp. The following workshops are offered periodically at The Bellingham Folk School and are also available for private groups and public organizations. You can inquire through the contact form or just simply call 970.585.4867.

Creative Expression for Voices and/or Instruments

  • Develop Confidence in Innate Creativity
  • Develop Fluency in Creative Expression
  • Develop Felt Understanding of Musical Fundamentals

In Paul’s signature workshop, you’ll develop an embodied understanding of the rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic relationships that form the basis of musicianship. As this understanding deepens, we’ll explore how to enter more and more confidently into the pleasure and play of making music.

Basic Harmony for Voices and/or Instruments

  • Stability (Consonance & Dissonance)
  • Polarity (Major & Minor)
  • Suspension (Buoyancy & Gravity)
  • Entanglement (Conflict & Resolution)

This well loved workshop is an exploration into four interconnected elements that make up the basis of harmony.  All you need to participate in this workshop is an open mind, a willing heart, and your own voice. If you play a folk instrument, bring that along too!

Writing Songs that Connect

  • Getting to the Heart of the Matter
  • Imagery, Symbolism, and Story 
  • The Music of Words and the Language of Music

Would you like to write songs that evoke an ever more deeply felt emotional connection with your audience? If so, this course is for you!

I vividly remember the day that I first saw tears roll down someone’s face while I played an original song. Since then, I’ve borne witness to many tears and much laughter while sharing the joys, sorrows, beauty, and mysteries of life through the art of songwriting. In this workshop filled with exercises and explorations, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about writing songs that connect.

Playing Together

  • Sharing the Stage
  • The Art of Accompaniment
  • Structure & Surprise
  • Musicianship & Showmanship

In music, one plus one doesn’t always equal two. Being part of a duo opens up a whole world of possibilities for fun and connection with fellow musicians as well as a treasure box full of new ways to engage and delight audiences.