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Tonal Center – G
Tonal Center – A
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Wonderful Music Books by W.A. Matthieu
The Listening Book
The Musical Life
Bridges of Waves

Music Education Videos
Victor Wooten: Music as a Language
Anthony Wellington: Four Levels of Awareness

Local Music Resources
The Bellingham Folk School
Allegro Strings (Lutherie)
Cayley Schmid (Fiddle Teacher)

Local Musicians
Soundings of the Planet (Music for Relaxation and Healing)
Hot Damn Scandal (Music for Making Merry Mayhem)
Robert Sarazin Blake (Great Local Songwriter and Performer)

Local Festivals
Sh’Bang at The Lookout Arts Quarry
The Bellingham Folk Festival
The Subdued Stringband Jamboree

An Amazing Artistic Fish!
Finger Kaleidoscope
(Please suggest more mandalas!)