About Paul

Paul Russell is an internationally performing musician, independent music teacher, and workshop leader whose passion is connecting hearts with the musical arts. He is a fine guitar player, loves to sing, and also enjoys playing ukulele, bass, mandolin, ragtime piano, and any number of many-stringed things.

As a creative catalyst and musical guide, Paul helps his students develop confidence in innate creativity, a deeply felt understanding of music fundamentals, and fluency in creative expression. Paul offers lessons, classes, and workshops based in The Musical Mandala in Bellingham, Washington. Since arriving in Spring 2017, Paul has organized classes and workshops for The Bellingham Folk School, BAAY, The Subdued Stringband Jamboree, Whatcom Skillshare Fair, Sh’Bang Festival, and more. His primary teaching studio is located in Allegro Strings at 1208 Cornwall Ave.

You can meet Paul at the weekly CircleSong SongCircle at The Bellingham Folk School.  You may also call or text him at 970.585.4867 or email Paul@TheMusicalMandala.com.

Here are links to a couple of Paul’s recent albums:
In Between Trees (with Tom Theuns)
Back at the Scene of Our Beautiful Crime